Our Strategy


We provide maintenance, repair and overhaul components, engineering and other related industrial services and fulfil a pivotal role between customers and suppliers, adding value to both through services of the highest quality.

Our strategy has been clear and consistent over the past eight years and is focused on five key areas of growth, capabilities, costs, customer service and synergies.


Our number one priority is growth – achieved in five areas: using our experience to focus on key market segments and producing solutions for our customers based on this experience; providing solutions for Key Account customers on a national and pan-European basis; developing the InsiteTM concept with our larger customers; cross-selling; and acquisitions.


Our capabilities strategy aims to ensure that our people are the best recruited, best trained, and most highly skilled people in the industry.


Our cost strategy ensures that we source product under the most advantageous terms for our customers, and that our sales, distribution and administration costs are spent as efficiently as possible.


Our synergies strategy provides benefits by leveraging the fact that we supply the same service and products to the same type of customer in over 350 locations in 17 countries.

Our Growth Drivers

Country organic growth

Our consistent market segmentation approach enables us to demonstrate to our customers that we understand the specific needs and requirements of their industry sector. This strategy of focusing our sales and marketing efforts on resilient and even growing markets as well as continuing to sustain our hold on some more traditional sectors, has enabled us to grow our revenues even during economically testing times. We aim to continue with this proven strategy across Europe, ensuring each country targets both defensive and growth industry segments to maintain our current levels of revenue growth.


Our InsiteTM service provides our customers with a range of outsourced solutions giving them full or part-time site-based personnel to deliver technical support, purchasing and inventory management. Our InsiteTM customers benefit from access to our knowledge, support and services with the aim of minimising their costs, and maximising their productivity and the production time of their workforce and machinery. Since the introduction of our InsiteTM programme over a decade ago, we’ve seen a growing demand for them. We now have Brammer employees working in more than 90 full time and 101 part-time customer sites across Europe.

Key Accounts

Our business with Key Accounts has continued to flourish; at the end of 2012 with a record 13 new pan-European Key Accounts won, we now have a total of 50. Key Accounts make up 37% of our revenue and are a major growth driver. The number of manufacturing companies looking to reduce and consolidate their number of suppliers has risen significantly, prompting them to look for partners who can meet their needs both locally and on the European level. Our unique pan-European MRO supply capability enables us to meet this demand.

Product Range Extension

We are the leading European distributor of mechanical MRO products, yet we have less than 2% of this €40 billion market. This gives us significant opportunities for growth within our current customer base. Following our acquisition of Buck & Hickman in 2011, 2012 saw us focus particularly in the Tools, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and General Maintenance market in Europe, a market worth over €25 billion. October 2012 saw the pan-European launch of our Tools and General Maintenance catalogue. This helped us towards a 20.1% sales growth in this area in 2012 and will continue to help us generate further growth in 2013.

Customer Service

Service is at the very core of our business. So to structure and recognise the key importance of service to everything we do, we decided in 2012 to extend our four strategic growth drivers, for the first time in more than eight years, by adding a fifth growth driver; customer service. We have consistently scored highly in relation to customer service, but, recognising its importance in this way, will allow us to put new processes and procedures in place in every part of the business and therefore be able to accelerate our growth performance even faster.